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Small update... 3.30.04
I have up a new link... WT

Small update... 2.19.04
I discovered that a great site that I had thought was dead was still alive, thereforth, I added it to my links page. (So if I'm not giving you enough go there --)

Update... 1.27.04
I have a new affiliate/link up. Giovanni Luvers Unite It's a site all about our great Rocket Boss, Giovanni. It's made up of a bunch of different people united together.

Actual Update... 1.20.04
I have updated the news page with Jirichi information.

E-mail... 1.15.04
Hey I love your site! Especially those bikini pictures, they're hilarious! ^_^ But I was wondering, how did James get breasts? Do you know, cos I'd really love to know how... well just how!! ^_^'' If you know could you email back and tell me please? Thanks! ^_^

Response...1.20.04 (yikes I used to check that box more, well I've seen worse)

I was just updating that site today! (kinda).

On the thing of James having breasts... well whatever he has, they're inflatable... I think they're attached to the bikini... But how he (of all people) got them too look so life like I have no clue (and I don't think anybody does!)

Thankies for visiting! It's always great to know you have people who care!

-Peace, Love, and all that good stuff

Note: This isn't exactly how I responded, I forgot to copy before I sent it! XD

More kinda updates... 1.20.03
Did you know none of my links linked? phht, well yea, I fixed that, I don't understand how I managed to leave that out. Well it didn't matter greatly because all of my links were affiliates too anyway, so :b. Haw-haw. I did something else what was it? Oh the cliques page, all the dead cliques have been deleated, and another forgetten thing from where I moved, I forgot to put the cliques buttons on the page, well they're there now. Why don't you people tell me these things? 500 visitors and nobody can tell me anything! I love you too!

Oh and another thing! If you don't feel like sending a e-mail !lazy! then just write it in the guestbook, I won't care, that's kinda what it's there for.

Updated (kinda)... 1.19.03
I've been slowly watching my affiliates dimish (delete their sites) and I moved them down on the splash page to their own "memory" section. Wow, that was such a big update I'm sure you're amazed! Well, I'm gonna look around for stuff to do... aka I'm gonna fake/force and update.


My Theme:

This is Theme 3 of PuRR and it is the manga style versian. I have always wanted to give this site a manga layout, but never had the pictures to do it, but now that I have my precious scanner **pets scanner** I can and oh, I did.

This Site: Pop Rocket Rebirth was born July first, two-thousand and three and later released to the public July tenth, two-thousand and three, later declaring its predecessor, PoP-Rocket, a static Team Rocket Sanctuary, on July twentieth, two-thousand and three.



I own this site, my background, I made that. I have made some screenshots. I ask before anyone takes anything from this site that you please e-mail me, even if you know you've seen it elsewhere. Sometimes I take things that were personal property, but I didn't know at the time so if the person tells me I took something and then you take it from here that would be bad. So if you take anything, odds are you'll be allowed to have it, I would just rather have your e-mail and website on file. If you take something though because you want to hang it up in your room then, I don't care you can do that without e-mailing me, I just don't want to see stuff from here on profiles, other sites, fliers, ect.

Don't waste my time by asking if you can use my current background, my photos, or fan-art for general site use. You can ask if you can put fan art on a fan art page and then link back to me. If you need a fan-art picture you can e-mail me, and I'll see about drawing something for you.

All text on this page I wrote, so let is rest in peace as it is. I also wrote the raw HTML coding for this site, so don't steal stuff through the Source Code either, plus all images from the manga, except for a few I've had for years, I scanned all by my little-self, so please, wait until I'm done with this layout to steal them, and please tell me too!